Swarbrick GeoPressure Consultancy

Richard Swarbrick is an independent geopressure consultant forĀ Swarbrick GeoPressure Consultancy Ltd, based in Durham, NE England. Richard specialises in the interpretation and validation of subsurface pressure data including fluid contacts and relationships, pore pressure prediction, fracture pressure prediction, identification of hydrodynamic trapping conditions and seal breach analysis. He offers off-the-shelf and bespoke training which draws on his knowledge and global experience in pore pressure prediction linked to pressure generation mechanisms, and a new algorithm for fracture pressure prediction.

Richard Swarbrick, Pressure Consultant

Richard was awarded the 2018 Petroleum Group Medal Award:

Richard has a global reputation as a geopressure specialist and has made a distinctive, fundamental and profound impact in terms of health and safety of the industry, developing and disseminating an understanding of the causes of overpressure and geomechanics and their prediction in advance of drilling”